CodeInnova curriculum

The document includes a concise model about a curriculum plan or learning path for Grades 1-9 related to programming and computational thinking. The model is created in the EU funded CodeInnova project. The material defines knowledge, skills and practices relevant for each grade level and suggest practical ways to support multidisciplinary teaching and learning at different stages of the learning path.

  • Programming, Computational thinking
  • Information and communication technologies
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  • Erasmus+ -project CodeInnova, the material compiled by Jukka Lehtoranta/ University of Jyväskylä, Department of teacher education
  • Public Domain

Vinkkejä videoblogeihin

Materiaali sisältää vinkkejä, jotka tutustuttavat oman elämän dokumentointiin ja ohjaavat kertomaan itselleen ajankohtaisista mietteistä, toiveista, unelmista ja tunteista videobloggaamalla. Materiaali on tarkoitettu yli 10-vuotiaille lapsille ja nuorille.


[The material include tips that introduce children and young people over the age of 10 to documenting their own lives and help them learn to tell about their current thoughts, desires, dreams or emotions through video blogging.]

  • Video blogging, social media
  • Media education
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  • Video: video examples, Text: written guidelines
  • html
  • Metka Media Education Center
  • Public Domain