Online Toolkit

Collection of scenarios and resources

This online toolkit is drawn on the competences included in the critical digital literacies framework developed as IO1. The purpose of the toolkit for schools and teachers is to exemplify and illustrate best practices and affordances in relation to critically using digital technologies within a school context, both for educational purposes or for teachers’ professional development

In this view, the toolkit includes:

– Already existing and original resources: materials such as presentations, videos, infographics, (…) to be used for teaching CDL;

– Educational scenarios: lessons plans on the themes of CDL, that could be adapted to primary and secondary students.

The toolkit offers a detailed description form and the link of resources or educational scenarios classified following the 8 dimensions and sub-dimensions of DETECT’s framework

Please make a selection based on the following criteria, to find suitable resources and scenarios. You can search either for items under one of the eight dimensions or narrow down by selecting a sub-dimensions you are particularly interested in.

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