DETECT – Developing Teachers’ Critical Digital Literacies – aims to:

  • develop an understanding of teachers’ needs in relation to critical digital literacies within a school context;
  • raise educators’ awareness regarding the complexity of using digital technologies and social media for educational and institutional purposes;
  • raise educators’ awareness on how to use social media for professional development and lifelong learning;
  • empower and educate educators so that they can take informed decisions regarding digital technologies and social media use and what they share online within the context of the school setting;
  • educate educators so that they can make pedagogically meaningful and safe use of digital technologies;
  • create and user-test in collaboration with educators a range of intellectual outputs and resources on the topic of critical digital literacies (e.g. MOOC and toolkit).

The Detect Digital leaflet

Project Blog

Research outcomes of the DETECT project about Critical Digital Literacies

We are pleased to announce that we have published two new reports as part of the Erasmus+ DETECT project. The first report presents a new Critical Digital Literacies framework for educators. This new framework aims to capture the various dimensions and sub-dimensions of critical digital literacies which are vital for educators and students living, teaching …

Online communication and collaboration skills

These teaching and learning activities are aimed for Year 3 students in a UK primary school (students aged 7-8). The aim are the following: i) supporting students with developing their online communication and collaboration skills, ii) raising their awareness regarding the appropriate netiquette they need to adopt, iii) supporting their understanding about the issues surrounding …