DETECT – Developing Teachers’ Critical Digital Literacies – aims to:

  • develop an understanding of teachers’ needs in relation to critical digital literacies within a school context;
  • raise educators’ awareness regarding the complexity of using digital technologies and social media for educational and institutional purposes;
  • raise educators’ awareness on how to use social media for professional development and lifelong learning;
  • empower and educate educators so that they can take informed decisions regarding digital technologies and social media use and what they share online within the context of the school setting;
  • educate educators so that they can make pedagogically meaningful and safe use of digital technologies;
  • create and user-test in collaboration with educators a range of intellectual outputs and resources on the topic of critical digital literacies (e.g. MOOC and toolkit).

The Detect Digital leaflet

Project Blog

EARLI 2021 Conference

Good news from @EARLI2021 conference. The joint proposal of the Detect Project researchers titled “Key elements of critical digital literacies from the perspective of school education” was accepted. See you in August!

Detect Partners meeting

The 3rd Partners meeting of the Detect project takes place on 21-22 January 2021: we’ll discuss about the finalisation of the first Output and the elaboration of our MOOC. We planned to be in Barcelona, but due to the current situation we’ll make it online: let’s hope to meet all face to face soon!

DETECT Learning, Teaching and Training Activity 1

The partners of the DETECT project successfully held their first Learning, Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA 1) online in November 2020, due to the ongoing pandemic crisis. Initially the event was going to be held at the University of Helsinki and would have brought together researchers, teachers and teacher educators from Finland, Italy, Spain and …