Contacts at Helsinki University

Liisa Ilomäki is a university researcher at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences. Her research interests focus on pedagogical practices with digital technology, especially at school level. In addition, she has investigated, together with her colleagues, the knowledge work competences and the practices to support these in education. Recently she has also investigated the best practices in virtual teaching and learning. Liisa Ilomäki has worked in several national and international research projects, as a co-ordinator, as a principal investigator and as a partner. Liisa Ilomäki has a long experience as a speaker and teacher trainer. 

Minna Lakkala, Ph.D., Title of Docent in Educational Psychology, works as a researcher in Technology in Education Research Group at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki. She has a background in general psychology, sociology and computer science. She is specialized in technology-enhanced teaching and learning, knowledge creation pedagogy and competence learning in all educational levels. Her main research interest is on educators’ pedagogical expertise in implementing collaborative knowledge practices and digital technologies in their teaching. She has participated in several national and international research and development projects and has published various research articles, book chapters and reports with her colleagues.