Resources from Data Smart

These resources come from an existing research project and a brief description of this can
be found below taken from their website.
There are three different types of resources used as a package. They can facilitate
educational scenarios and are used for student workshops (three workshops with each
taking around 90–100 minutes to complete).
An instructional guide for pre-teens, educators and families that contains material to
support them with developing data literacies.
PowerPoint presentations for the workshops.
An open access app for Android and iOS systems (you need to contact the research team
for a code).
“Developing Personal Data Literacies in Pre-Teens” is a research project funded by the
National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII) and Fundación Ceibal. Working with
children (aged 8-12 years) in Uruguay and Australia, the aim of the program is to develop
understanding of personal data so they can better manage and protect their privacy online.
The children used an educational social media application (‘app’), FriendSend, for a period of three weeks and participated in a series of workshops designed to build these young users’ knowledge of the technical features of social media platforms and how personal data are produced and processed as a consequence of use. The Data Smart Kids program was developed in collaboration with students and teachers at participating schools through an iterative design process. We worked with Uruguayan and Australian preteens, with the aim of carrying out a study with comparative aspects, exploring how preteens’ students understand and relate to social networks and the way in which their personal data is produced and processed during their use”

  • Critical data literacies
  • Data Literacies
  • text
  • text: document (PDF), presentation (PPT), image: infographic, graphics, pictures, meme
  • PPt, Pdf, App
  • The project’s research team:
  • Public Domain