The DETECT project goes on!

We are glad to inform all interested educators in the transnational community of the project that the Learning Teaching and Training Activity Number 3 is takin place on 19-20-21 January 2022.

Hosted by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya at Barcelona, it will include a number of resources and spaces to exchange ideas about the development of critical digital literacies.

It has been very stimulating to prepare this LTTA, since we are arriving at the end of the project and our ideas now encompass a better perspective on the issues associated with critical digital literacies. Still, we are open to discussing and generating new spaces for the teaching practice.

On the first day, we have organised a number of local activities that will run in parallel, engaging experts. We will debrief together, in an open session about the common transnational scenarios and takeaways as a result of this activity, on the morning of January 20th.

In the remainder of the sessions, we have “hands-on” workshops dealing with cutting edge topics: assessing the Critical Digital Literacy; Data Storytelling; and nurturing lifelong learning ecologies to strengthen teachers’ professionalism around the CDL.


Come and join us!