Project deSHAME: Tackling online sexual harassment among young people aged 13-17

From website:
Project deSHAME II is a collaboration between Childnet (UK), Save the Children (Denmark) and UCLan (UK), co-financed by the EU. Together we aim to tackle peer-based online sexual harassment by empowering local communities to work together to increase reporting among young people. We have already completed the first stage of the project which looked at the 13-17 age group, teachers and police. The second stage of the project
started in August 2019 and focuses on supporting 9-12 year olds and parents and carers.
Project deSHAME has already launched new resources for schools, as well as for law enforcement, on addressing online sexual harassment amongst young people aged 13 – 17 years.
The ‘Step Up Speak Up’ Toolkit includes practical, scenario-based and interactive activities including lesson plans, films, workshops and assemblies. It also includes advice and guidance for school staff, police and other professionals working with children.
The teaching toolkit comprises 4 lesson plans with accompanying films, an audio story, workshops and an assembly presentation

  • Online sexual harassment, esafety, digital wellbeing
  • Sex and relationship education (SRE)
  • text | video | audio | image
  • video: short movie text: document, presentation, lesson plan image: infographic, graphics, pictures, meme audio: mp3
  • Childnet (UK), Save the Children (Denmark) and UCLan (UK)
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