My data and privacy online toolkit

This is tookit that contains a range of resources that aim to help teachers, students and parents answer questions regarding data and privacy online. It has been designed and developed in discussion with young people in the UK.

As the creators of the toolkit state: “We developed this online toolkit to promote children’s understanding of the digital environment and support them to make good decisions about privacy online. The toolkit is aimed at children of secondary school age, parents and educators, and was developed with the participation of a mix of children in Years 8 and 10. It includes information and resources on: why privacy online is important, how online data is generated and used, children’s rights, privacy-related risks and protective strategies, where to seek support, suggestions and recommendations from children, and fun resources to watch and play.”

  • data, privacy, secondary school
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  • Professor Sonia Livingstone (Principal Investigator); Mariya Stoilova (Research Officer); Rishita Nandagiri (Research Assistant)
  • Public Domain