Workshop of information literacies – Online inquiry about climate change

The goals of the workshop were to teach the topic of climate change to 8th graders and develop their skills of online inquiry.The students made presentations of climate change to different target groups. The workshop was part of the larger Climate change project (‘theme days’) for all 8th graders. The workshop lasted three days, during which the students learned methods for online inquiry, how to be critical to the data in the Internet and search for  suitable data to their target group (e.g. pre-school children, other students in the lower secondary school, parents and  the local people in the suburb area). The students designed and created presentations, such as videos, articles to the local magazine and a speech to  the school radio. All the presentations were published after the workshop.

Social media and well-being

The presentation introduces the subject of social media use and well-being. There are questions to be discussed with the students, such as: How do you use social media? Why do you use social media? How often do you comment on posts on social media? What kind of photos or other pictures do you use on social media? The purpose of the presentation is to evoke a student’s thinking about her or his own use of social media

Consideracions tecno-pedagògiques per integrar la videoconferència en les activitats educatives

Digital technologies make it possible to improve and facilitate our daily and professional tasks. The situation of the covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the intensification of the use of online communication tools promoting an increase in the digitization of the population and with it the need to train to optimize more and better the possibilities that we they offer these communication tools.

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