Vinkkejä videoblogeihin

Materiaali sisältää vinkkejä, jotka tutustuttavat oman elämän dokumentointiin ja ohjaavat kertomaan itselleen ajankohtaisista mietteistä, toiveista, unelmista ja tunteista videobloggaamalla. Materiaali on tarkoitettu yli 10-vuotiaille lapsille ja nuorille.


[The material include tips that introduce children and young people over the age of 10 to documenting their own lives and help them learn to tell about their current thoughts, desires, dreams or emotions through video blogging.]

  • Video blogging, social media
  • Media education
  • text | video
  • Video: video examples, Text: written guidelines
  • html
  • Metka Media Education Center
  • Public Domain

Does brain research provide insights in teaching media literacy?

The presentation “Does brain research provide insights in teaching media literacy?” is background material for teachers about brain research investigating students’ media understanding. The presentation was first given to teachers and researchers in a webinar of the DETECT project, and it provides insights and ideas for teaching medial literacy. An essential background for the study was knowledge about adolescents’ development: they are still developing the mentalising skills; i.e., an ability to infer the intentions of others, and for this reason they are more influenced by their peer group.

Copyright at school – Test your knowledge!

A test for teachers to evaluate their knowledge of copyrights at school. This is a form-based test/inquiry with checkbox choices. There may be several right answers and the points are “hard to get”: all of the choices must be right to get any points (per question). The aim is to “wake up” the teachers and get them to study their own (and the students’) rights to copy and publish content and material at school. After answering, the respondent gets the results and additional information about each question. Similar tests can also be created for students.