Consideracions tecno-pedagògiques per integrar la videoconferència en les activitats educatives

Digital technologies make it possible to improve and facilitate our daily and professional tasks. The situation of the covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the intensification of the use of online communication tools promoting an increase in the digitization of the population and with it the need to train to optimize more and better the possibilities that we they offer these communication tools.

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  • Marc Romero , Teresa Romeu and Juliana Raffaghelli
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Misleading information

This is a visual resource that teachers and students can use to deepen the theme of misleading information type. This infographic offers a useful classification, indicating also the characteristics of these information and their impact. This resource has been developed by EAVI – the European Association for Viewers Interests. It is an  international non-profit organisation in Brussels that promotes media literacy in the perspective of active citizenship.

  • fake news, media literacy, misleading
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  • EAVI – the European Association for Viewers Interests
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