Social media and well-being

The presentation introduces the subject of social media use and well-being. There are questions to be discussed with the students, such as: How do you use social media? Why do you use social media? How often do you comment on posts on social media? What kind of photos or other pictures do you use on social media? The purpose of the presentation is to evoke a student’s thinking about her or his own use of social media

Escola Virolai case Primary school

This resource is a learning object based on technology H5P and could be implemented in
any WordPress or Moodle course.
It contains a full activity aimed at exploring a dimension of the Critical Digital Literacies Framework: Digital Well-being and Safety. The aim of the activities embedded in this learning object are to develop teachers’ understanding of the main problems of
technology usage around the CDL subdimensions Online safety, Digital Overexposure and Digital selfhood for the primary school level.
Therefore the teachers can delve into the concepts, current research and policymaking context; they are offered questions to reflect on their teaching to deal with a critical usage of technology.
Moreover, the teachers are provided with some instructions to reflect on design for learning to develop critical digital literacies in their classrooms.

  • Digital well-being, cellphone, digital selfhood, online safety, cyberbullying, ego, social media, digital overexposure
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  • video: youtube text: documents, articles image: pictures
  • H5p
  • Author: Anastasia Gouseti Editors: Dèlia Español and Juliana Raffaghelli
  • Attribution – Share Alike (CC BY-SA)